The Eve Generation Foundation ED

July 28, 2022
The Eve Generation Foundation ED
The Eve Generation Foundation, on behalf of her staff, management, and board, congratulate the Executive Director of the Eve Foundation Toyin Embassy on her new book on, a fantastic feather to her next work in the research work and academic prowess. This will add value to the work on the girl child globally and introduce a new perspective from the dimension of experience shared and narrative from close acquittances.
In a statement by Joe Igbuzor Priests Peace & Justice Initiative Lagos liaison officer, this positioning to champion The Eve Generation Foundation was not unconnected with the involvement of Toyin Embassy in the development sector per the interviews granted and works of her commitment and stride to use her personal resources in helping the less privilege foster their visions and dreams to be women of substance in society.
Reading Toyin Embassy’s book “Worthy” A woman’s adventure to merited leadership crystalizes various views of a burning woman that want a change of the exacerbation of the current economic scenario looking at the ills of society befalling a girl child without a voice despite the plethora of unending opportunities in the economy of the world. However, Toyin’s book is a great work of exposition, research and compendium of various experiences of human endeavour across the globe. The views can be classified as both objective and subjective Examining the array of the book contents tells you there are many titles of books in one mind packed in one document, to a persuasive society how generations have tailored their mindset with abusive segregation tendency to reduce the girl child competing with the boy Counterpart in accessing critical ladder of life to contribute to economic development without nurturing right growth, socialization, education and training, character molding and relationship.
Congrats Toyin
Efe Emuobosa

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